Your responsibilities

One of the 12 statements in our document, Care and treatment: your rights and choices, covering the rights and services that a person with epilepsy can expect.

Care and treatment: your rights and choices says: ‘You have responsibilities as well as rights.’ Along with your rights to services from the NHS, you have some responsibilities to the NHS too.

National guidelines

The Handbook to the NHS Constitution outlines these responsibilities. These include the following:

  • "please recognise that you can make a significant contribution to your own, and your family’s, good health and well-being, and take personal responsibility for it"
  • "please provide accurate information about your health, condition and status"
  • "please keep appointments, or cancel within reasonable time. Receiving treatment within the maximum waiting times may be compromised unless you do"
  • "please follow the course of treatment which you have agreed, and talk to your clinician if you find this difficult"
  • "please give feedback – both positive and negative – about your experiences and the treatment and care you have received, including any adverse reactions you may have had".

Information produced: January 2019

Our care and treatment: your rights and choices leaflet

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