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World Cup Sweepstake

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How do I organise a sweepstake?

You can run a workplace sweepstake without a gambling license. However, you must make sure that your sweepstake follows these two conditions:

1. It is run and played by colleagues who work at the same physical location.

2. It is not run for any profit - all proceeds must be used for prizes and/or donated to charity

For full guidance on fundraising and lotteries (including sweepstakes) please visit the Gambling Commission Website

Once you've checked off the above conditions - here's what to do next! 

1. Cut out all the participating countries, fold and put in a bowl

2. Set an entry fee for the sweepstake e.g. £2, £5, £10

3. Ask participants to select a country from the bowl (no cheating!)

4. Write participant name against the country they draw

5. After the World Cup, present a chosen prize or % of entry fees to person who selected the winning country!

6. Donate all (or remaining) entry fees to Epilepsy Society

Epilepsy Society is a caring, open charity that values inclusivity and diversity 🌈


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