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Helpline appeal

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We urgently need your help

With the NHS under pressure, people like David and Suzanne aren’t receiving the urgent support they need. Donate today to extend our Helpline services. 

“Before David was officially diagnosed and had no medical support, the helpline was our lifeline. Please send a gift to help more people who are feeling scared and alone right now.”

Having been hospitalized by a seizure David was sent home from A&E with some medication and had to endure months of waiting before he was diagnosed. In this time he lost his driving license, his job and his independence. This had a crippling impact on his mental health because he knew his epilepsy had turned his whole family’s life upside down.

David isn’t alone. In little over six months we received more than 3,000 cries for help from people who told us they were feeling scared, lonely or frustrated with their situation.

Andree on the Helpline

The need is greater than ever.

"For almost every call we receive, there is another that we have been unable to answer – and that’s why we urgently need your help.

Any gift you can give today will help us extend our helpline hours further so more people affected by epilepsy can receive the support and understanding they desperately need."