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Helpline appeal

We have already responded to over 4,000 cries for help during the pandemic.

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Helpline appeal 2021

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Andrée Mayne, Epilepsy Society Helpline Manager - Our Helpline has never been more important.

Our Helpline team have been working tirelessly throughout the pandemic to be there for people who felt they had nowhere else to turn. We have provided information to people who have felt lost when diagnosed with epilepsy. We have been a source of vital support to people facing months of isolation and anxiety. Most worryingly we have also seen an increase in the number of calls we have had from people feeling suicidal. Our service has never been more important and the impact of the pandemic won’t end any time soon, so our support will be crucial in the months ahead.

“Being able to talk to one of the team is such a lifeline.” anonymous caller

“I’m so glad you were there when I felt confused, frightened and not sure what to do next.” anonymous caller

“You’re all absolutely brilliant. Thanks for still being there in these frightening times.” anonymous caller

“You not only answered my questions but gave me hope for the future.” anonymous caller

We are here for people who feel they have nowhere else to turn.


Our service has never been more important and our support will be crucial in the months ahead. Please give a gift today to ensure we can keep supporting people with epilepsy.

You can call our epilepsy helpline on 01494 601 400.

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Support and information

Our helpline is open five days a week, Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm, (Wednesday 9am to 7.30pm). You can also reach us by email helpline@epilepsysociety.org.uk.

Talk in confidence

We offer time to talk in confidence about epilepsy. 

Trusted support

All calls to the helpline are confidential. This means that the helpline will not share anything about you or what you talk about with anyone else. The Epilepsy Society helpline is a member of Helplines Partnership.

Up-to-date information

We can give up-to-date information, and listen to how epilepsy affects you.