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Epilepsy Society Supporter Conference 2021

Discover how your support is changing the lives of people living with epilepsy and hear our ambitious plans for the future

Join us for our first ever virtual supporter conference

Friday 16 July 2021, 12pm - 2pm

Registration for our supporter conference has now closed. We look forward to seeing those of you who have signed up at the event.

This is an exciting new event in our calendar – a chance to share with you the amazing ways in which your support is helping to change the lives of people with epilepsy. And we hope that you will join us online and hear just how you are making a difference.

We will be sharing some of our greatest achievements from the past 12 months and would like you to be the first to hear about our ambitious plans for the future.

Our event speakers include Clare Pelham, Chief Executive, Professor Ley Sander, Medical Director, Nicola Swanborough, Head of External Affairs and myself Gordon Craig, Director of Fundraising.

Thank you

Our work is only possible thanks to our donors, fundraisers, volunteers and supporters. The past year has been extremely difficult for so many charities, including Epilepsy Society, and we continue to be so grateful for the support we receive. We hope you will join us on Friday 16th July to see the impact of your generous support. 

Why we need your support

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Every £5 you raise over the target could help distribute tailored information abut epilepsy, ensuring the first five leaflets are free to better seizure control. 

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Every £20 you raise over the target could ensure that someone who desperately needs to talk about their epilepsy can call our helpline

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Every £50 you raise over the target could help forward our world-leading research projects, leading to more accurate, personalised treatment

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£100 could help our research team to analyse genomics data, which will lead to better seizure control. 

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