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Daily living and mobility activities

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Daily living and mobility activities

Information about the daily living and mobility activities that form part of your PIP assessment criteria.

Preparing food

This activity is about whether you can prepare and cook a simple, hot, one-course meal from fresh ingredients (not ready meals). It is not about how good you are as a cook, but about whether your medical condition(s) affects your ability to prepare a simple, hot meal.

Eating and drinking

This activity is about physically feeding yourself, eating and drinking, and whether you are able to do this unaided, or with help. It does not include preparing food (covered in activity 1). Nutrition means food and drink.

Dressing and undressing

This activity is about your ability to dress and undress, including choosing, and putting on appropriate and non-adapted clothing that is suitable for the situation, including socks and shoes. This may include dealing with fastenings such as zips or buttons.

Communicating verbally

This activity is about speaking and being understood, and about listening and understanding. It means speaking and listening in your native language, which may not be English. It includes sign language and text relay, but not Braille.

Moving around

This activity is about being able to physically move around, focusing on being able to stand up and walk unaided, without severe discomfort such as breathlessness, pain or fatigue.

PIP the assessment criteria factsheet

Taken from our 'PIP - the assessment criteria' factsheet

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Information produced: July 2019