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Safety and risk templates

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Safety and risk templates

Epilepsy affects people differently. If your seizures are controlled with medication you may not face any particular risks to your safety. Risks to safety will depend on the type of seizures your have; what happens to you during a seizure; and how you feels afterwards. You may decide not to put safety measures in place, however it can be important to get a balance between making situations safer and freedom of choice.

You can complete the templates yourself, or you may choose to share them with the health and social care professionals involved in caring for you. You may want to add you own ideas about risks and what would be helpful for you.

Download template - about your seizures

Download template - safety at home

Download template - safety outside



Memory can be one of the key issues that affects people with epilepsy. This can be for many reasons, including the type of seizures they have, the effects of medication, the effects of epilepsy on concentration or mood, lack of sleep, age, or the effects of epilepsy surgery.