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Invite your local MP to All Party Parliamentary Group on Epilepsy meeting to discuss Brexit

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Invite your local MP to All Party Parliamentary Group on Epilepsy meeting to discuss Brexit

Would you like to invite your MP to a meeting to discuss the potential impact of Brexit - and particularly a no-deal Brexit - on people with epilepsy?

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Epilepsy (APPGE) will meet on 23 July from 5:15-6:45 pm in Committee Room 5, House of Commons.

It is an opportunity for MPs and Peers to hear first-hand the challenges that people with epilepsy and their health professionals are experiencing as a result of the uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

The APPGE needs MPs and Peers to help them address these issues with the Government.

There have been many concerns around medicine supplies in recent months. While we know that these problems have been occurring over several years, we understand that Brexit has added to the worries. The APPGE is also concerned about how a no-deal Brexit may affect healthcare arrangements with other EU countries and could result in a loss of research developments in epilepsy.

The meeting will be chaired by Paula Sherriff MP, who is the Chair of the APPGE. Representatives from the main epilepsy charities around the UK will provide evidence-based information about the impact of Brexit on people with epilepsy, their services and the epilepsy voluntary sector.

The APPGE wants to develop a joint statement outlining the problems faced by the people with epilepsy and how the Government can ensure that they are kept safe and receive the help and support they need.

This statement will be used to lobby the new Prime Minister, who is due to be announced the week of the meeting and the new Secretary of State for Health.

The meeting will also provide updates on some changes to the APPG on Epilepsy meetings, increasing impact and outcomes of the group.

You can download the letter here to send to your MP.