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Carers organisations

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Carers organisations

Guide to organisations offering support to carers.

Find out about how we give support for carers of people with epilepsy.

Support from the NHS
Information for carers from the NHS

Carers Trust
0300 772 9600 (London office)
0300 772 7701 (Glasgow office)
0300 772 9702 (Cardiff office)
Provides information, an online community, and local
support and services for adult and young carers through 
its websites. It also offers advice on money and benefits.

Carers UK
020 7378 4999 (England)
029 2081 1370 (Wales)
0141 378 1065 (Scotland)
02890 439 843 (Northern Ireland)
Campaigns for better support for carers. Provides information, and practical advice and support.  

Care Quality Commission
0300 061 6161
Monitors, inspects, and regulates adult social care services and publishes what they find.

Information updated: January 2024

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