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Join Team Purple

Take strides to stop seizures and apply to join Team Purple to take part in a event to raise money for Epilepsy Society.

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£1,000 could fund

a whole genome sequence, a scientific breakthrough which will lead to more effective seizure control while minimising medication side-effects.

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Support our cause

By supporting our cause you can help us make a difference to the lives of 600,000 people living with epilepsy in the UK.

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Trusted support

No matter how you want to fundraise for Epilepsy Society, we're here for you every step of the way to support and help you on your fundraising journey. Call 01494 601414 to speak to our dedicated fundraising team.

Two of our supporters

Every day 87 people are diagnosed with epilepsy.

Epilepsy can have a devastating effect on people and their families, affecting all aspects of their lives. With your fundraising you can help us to support someone affected by epilepsy through our information and dedicated epilepsy helpline.

Your fundraising can also help to fund our world-class research into epilepsy. We currently commit over £1 million every year into research. But we need your support to continue and grow this work to benefit those people affected by epilepsy. 

Evan Malloy

'They have totally changed my life.'

Seizures were crushing Evan’s dream of becoming a Paralympian. He is now seizure free thanks to our world leading research.

Alternative giving

There are a number of alternative ways to give and make a difference to the lives of people with epilepsy. You can give through your pay or pension, sell with ebay and much more.

Corporate giving

We know that the workplace can be a real force for good. Charity partnerships can help motivate staff and give you something special to tell your customers and shareholders. We can help your employees get involved in our work. 

Share giving

Did you know you can donate shares and investments to Epilepsy Society? By giving shares you can help us support the nearly half a million people with epilepsy in the UK and possibly earn yourself a double tax benefit at the same time.

Love lives on

Give a little love. Leave a lasting legacy.

By donating just 1% of your total worth, you can help us be there to support every individual with epilepsy.