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Summer Appeal 2023

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Transform a life like Daniel's today.

Genetic testing could mean a new world of personalised treatment that transforms lives. By understanding more about each person’s genes, we will understand more about their epilepsy and how to treat it.

Research changes lives

More than 600,000 people in the UK have epilepsy, 79 people are diagnosed with epilepsy every day.

The benefits of research

  • Improved quality of life for people with  epilepsy and their families
  • Greater life expectancy and a reduction in epilepsy related deaths
  • Improved rates of seizure freedom
  • Greater choice of treatments to effectively manage different types of epilepsy
  • Genetic sequencing enables a greater understanding of an individual’s epilepsy, targeted precision treatments, meaning less side effects and greater seizure control


A genetic test was the key to revealing the mystery of Daniel’s epilepsy.

Just last year this new testing identified the underlying reason for Daniel's epilepsy, he and others were found to have mutations in the gene that can cause Dravet Syndrome.

Daniel as a baby

Daniel (above) had frequent seizures throughout his life due to Dravet syndrome. Dravet syndrome is a severe form of epilepsy associated with frequent seizures, developmental delay and posture problems.

“For decades, Daniel’s epilepsy was a mystery. No one could say why he was so severely affected."

Daniel underwent numerous tests. Scientific breakthroughs led to new medications – but none of the treatments worked to reduce Daniel’s seizures.

"All of the problems Daniel had experienced throughout his life finally made sense. When Daniel was born, Dravet syndrome hadn’t even been described in the medical books, After almost 50 years of uncertainty, suddenly everything fell into place” says Marilyn, Daniel's mum.

Your donations will enable Epilepsy Society to double the number of genetic tests we carry out this year, transforming the lives of people with epilepsy.


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