Memory can be one of the key things that can be affected in people with epilepsy. Here we look at some of the issues around epilepsy and memory, and what might help. 

Living with memory difficulties

Throughout our lives memories are being made, stored, and found by our brain. Links made between our brain cells help us to remember the thoughts, skills, experiences, and knowledge that make each of us unique. 

Memory is the brain’s ability to store information and find it again later. Chemical and electrical changes happen in the brain when new memories are made. 


Epilepsy Society is grateful to Professor Sallie Baxendale, Consultant Neuropsychologist, UCLH, London and Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology, University College London, who reviewed this information.

Information updated: March 2023

Laura's story

Laura Grainger cannot remember her own wedding day, most holidays and birthdays, or the time she spent at university. The impact of her epilepsy means that memory loss is a huge factor in her life.


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