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Information for professionals

This area of the site is aimed at people with a professional interest in epilepsy including GPs, nurses, pharmacists, commissioners and doctors.

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Information for professionals

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Epilepsy for pharmacists

Guide for pharmacists working in registered pharmacy premises in the UK, co-produced by Epilepsy Society and Medway School of Pharmacy. Includes information about treatment, seizure types, points to cover with patients taking AEDs and materials pharmacists can give to their patients.

For commissioners

Commissioning is a key driver of quality, efficiency and outcomes for people with epilepsy. Over the past decade it has become increasingly important to the health system in England. We've partnered with Epilepsy Action to design the new 'Epilepsy Commissioning Toolkit' to help commissioners provide better health services for people with epilepsy.

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Training courses on epilepsy

Our courses are available to a wide range of people looking to develop their understanding of epilepsy for professional or personal reasons. Delegates include carers, school escorts, post-graduate students as well as commercial organisations, GP surgeries and drug company representatives. We also work with the public sector, including health bodies, local councils and schools.

Our researchers

subtitle: Meet the team

Meet the team at Epilepsy Society leading the way in global research. Our team are passionate about translating research findings to improve the lives of people with epilepsy.


Read how we are working to understand the genetic architecture of each individual person's epilepsy through our world leading genomics research programme.