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Epilepsy information for GPs

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Epilepsy information for GPs

Information designed to help GPs to deliver healthcare to people with epilepsy.

NICE guidelines on epilepsy

Access the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence NG137 Epilepsies in children, young people, and adults

Best clinical practice for diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy QS211

Quality standard (QS211) defines clinical best practice within the diagnosis and management of the epilepsies in adults aged 18 years and over.

Epilepsy reviews

NICE (the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) recommend that everyone can ask for a review of their epilepsy. Children, and some adults with other health issues, should be offered a review at least yearly. For more information download our Primary care review template.

Therapeutic drug monitoring

Find information about the uses and benefits of our therapeutic drug monitoring service for anti-seizure medication.

Epilepsy medication updates

Read the latest news and updates on anti-seizure medication, including new drugs, name changes, problems with supply of medication and any changes to guidance on taking epilepsy drugs.

Information updated: January 2024


Epilepsy for pharmacists

Guide for pharmacists working in registered pharmacy premises in the UK, co-produced by Epilepsy Society and Medway School of Pharmacy. Includes information about treatment, seizure types, points to cover with patients taking AEDs and materials pharmacists can give to their patients.


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