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Looking after yourself this Christmas

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Looking after yourself this Christmas

For many people, this year it may not be possible to celebrate Christmas the way we normally would, but it's still important to look after yourself, and get the support you need if you have epilepsy.

Here are some Christmas tips from our Education, Information and Support Services Manager, Andrée Mayne, for looking after yourself over the festive period.

Our Helpline will be open until 4pm on 24th and 31st December and closed for the bank/public holidays. 

  • If you plan to meet with friends or family, check the government rules on social contact
  • Try to have regular meals and get enough sleep. Remember alcohol can be a trigger for seizures, especially if you have a hangover and become dehydrated. It can also make your medication less effective and make side effects worse. Recreational drugs can also trigger seizures and interact with medication.
  • Some people with photosensitive epilepsy find that flashing Christmas lights can cause a problem for them. If you have concerns, covering one eye completely with your hand can help to reduce any photosensitive effect.
  • It can be hard to stick to routines over the festive period, but make sure you take your medication as prescribed.
  • Make sure you have enough medication to last over Christmas and New Year as opening hours at your local pharmacy may change.
  • If you are away from home and need to find a local pharmacy, or you need to find a pharmacy out of hours visit
  • If you need to talk to someone when our Helpline is closed you can call the Samaritans on 116 123, or you might like to join in with online conversations on our Facebook page, Twitter page or our Instagram page. If you would like more information about epilepsy please visit our website.


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