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Christmas appeal

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Lilane in the hospital

This is Liliane

She is one of 200,000 people who don’t respond to current treatment. Our research aims to transform epilepsy treatment.

Give A Single Gift

Liliane’s Christmas wish is for doctors to make everyone with epilepsy better.

Liliane is seven years old and has up to ten seizures a day. Medication isn’t working and she isn’t alone. Around 200,000 people with epilepsy in the UK do not respond to current treatments leaving them at the mercy of their seizures.

Our genomics research has already revealed that, in some people, genetic causes have led to their epilepsy. If we can identify which genes are responsible for an individual’s epilepsy, it can help guide us towards the right treatment to reduce seizures or even stop them altogether.

Our research has already made some exciting breakthroughs and has changed the lives of people who had given up hope after decades of poor seizure control. With your support we can use this new and powerful tool to improve quality of life for many more people with epilepsy.

All we need is supporters like you to help fund this vital work.