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Epilepsy in adolescence

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Epilepsy in adolescence

Sources of help and support for your teenage child with epilepsy.

Adolescence is when many young people become more independent and will want to make their own choices about their lives. Finding out what affects their epilepsy can be part of making informed choices.

Late nights, emotional stress and trying alcohol or recreational drugs can be typical parts of teenage life. However, all these can make seizures more likely to happen.

Some young people find epilepsy difficult to live with, especially if they have frequent seizures or side effects from their medication.They may decide to stop seeing their doctor or to stop taking their medication.

Talking to someone they feel comfortable with can help them to feel supported and encourage them to take control in making decisions about their epilepsy.

Sources of help and support

Information produced: January 2018

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Information produced: January 2018