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Vaccine offers greatest hope of family visits

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Nicola Swanborough

Vaccine offers hope for family visits

This is our amazing research team who put their day jobs on hold to help deliver the Covid-19 vaccine to almost all of the residents living at the Epilepsy Society.

 Lisa, Katri and Simone masked up ready to vaccinate people at Epilepsy Society

Thanks to Simone, Katri and Lisa, 77 residents received a first dose of the vaccine last week, giving them the best possible protection against the virus and moving them one step closer to being able to see friends and families again.

Since the pandemic began, Professor Matthias Koepp and his team have been providing front line care for the residents who have complex epilepsy and learning disabilities. Many of them are clinically extremely vulnerable and elderly.

Greatest hope

Prof Koepp said: “Safeguarding residents at the Epilepsy Society is of paramount importance to us and we were very pleased to be able to step away from the day job and make sure as many residents as possible were able to receive the vaccine.

Ultimately, the vaccine offers the greatest hope for those living at the Chalfont Centre in Buckinghamshire of being able to see their friends and relatives again. 

“This is a tough time for all of us but particularly so for those with complex epilepsy and learning disabilities who struggle to understand the restrictions and changes imposed by the pandemic.

We cannot relax

“Having the vaccine means that the person is less likely to get infected or have severe symptoms if infected, but it does not mean that we can relax and that life will return to normal.  

“We have to continue with the regular testing and to rigorously observe the safeguarding measures – hands, face, space. We are still learning about the protection the vaccine will give us, but it is very likely that we will still be at risk of transmitting the virus asymptomatically. 

“But Friday was a good and welcome day.”

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