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Convulex (Valproic Acid) in short supply

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Convulex (Valproic Acid) in short supply

We have been informed by the Medicines Supply Team at the Department of Health and Social Services that there is a supply issue affecting all strengths of Convulex (valproic acid) capsules.

There are limited supplies of the 150mg and 300mg preparations of Convulex capsules, with the 500mg capsules currently out of stock.

Under MHRA guidance, Convulex (valproic acid) is a category 2 anti-epilepsy medication. This means that any decision to switch betweeen different versions of the drug should be made, in collaboration,  by the doctor and the individual.

If you are taking this medication, please  make an appointment with your doctor so you can discuss management of your treatment. We will bring you further updates as soon as we have more information about when stock will be resumed.