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Epilepsy Society partners with Healthinote

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Paige Dawkins

Epilepsy Society partners with Healthinote

Epilepsy Society is working in partnership with Healthinote - a digital platform for doctors, nurses and pharmacists to share personalised, trusted health information with patients.

The digital transformation of the NHS post-Covid-19 has meant that many consultations are now being delivered remotely. The Healthinote platform, used by over 8,500 clinicians across 1,300 GP practices, enables doctors to provide ‘health information prescriptions’ to patients in the UK via email, SMS or QR code.

Being able to access reliable information about epilepsy is essential. In the absence of traditional patient information leaflets that were used pre-COVID-19, Healthinote is a simple way to signpost patients and their carers to relevant and reliable information to help people understand more about their condition.

Following a consultation with their doctor a patient will be given instructions on how to access their ‘health information prescription’ via the Healthinote app.

A screenshot of the search for 'epilepsy' on Healthinote, showing several results for information from the Epilepsy Society
When searching for 'Epilepsy' in Healthinote, patients can read reliable information about their condition from the Epilepsy Society

Andrée Mayne, Education, Information and Support Services Manager at the Epilepsy Society, has said, “Healthinote offers a valuable opportunity for doctors and nurses to share our epilepsy information through digital information prescriptions, by linking directly to our website.

"This will really help to support the 600,000 people with epilepsy in the UK, wherever they are in their journey with the condition. It will make sure they can access our information and the help they need”