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Epilim medication shortages

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Epilim medication shortages

We have been informed by Sanofi that there may be problems with the supply of two forms of Epilim (sodium valproate) over the next 10 days.

Epilim Chrono 500mg is likely to be out of stock this week through to the middle of next week. New supplies are expected to be distributed by the wholesalers before the end of next week.

There may also be supply issues with Epilim Chrono 300mg over the next couple of days, although these are expected to be resolved imminently.

If you are taking either of the medicines and are unable to obtain your prescription, please go to your GP or epilepsy specialist for advice. 

Sanofi issued the following statement about the general supply of sodium valproate in the UK following a manufacturing disruption last summer:

"There are multiple formulations of valproate-based medicines ranging from tablets of different strengths and coatings through to granules and liquid preparations. At present, we are seeing intermittent shortages with only a few of the formulations in the UK. The situation at any given pharmacy on any given day can change. Any patients who have concerns regarding stock information should contact their pharmacists who can contact their supplier to check stock availability in their area.

Sanofi experienced a manufacturing disruption last summer due to an extended maintenance outage at our plant in France where valproate is produced. This caused global stock levels to drop leading to a shortage of certain valproate formulations in the early part of this year. The supply situation is improving every week and we should be able to return to normal stock levels in the coming months. We’ve kept the Government apprised of the situation and the actions we have taken to mitigate any impact to patients in the UK. This is not connected to the UK departure from the EU."

More information

Please go to the contingency plans for all epilepsy medications for more information about plans around Brexit. 

If you would like to speak to a member of our helpline, please contact: 01494 601400. The helpline opening hours are Monday – Tuesday, 9am-4pm and Wednesday, 9am-7:30pm. All calls are confidential.