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More batches of Vimpat 100mg tablets recalled by MHRA

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More batches of Vimpat 100mg tablets recalled by MHRA

More batches of the epilepsy medication Vimpat (lacosamide) 100mg tablets have been recalled by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

People are being urged to check the labelling on the packaging. Those labelled with  Kosei Pharma are affected by the recall.

The medicine is believed to be legitimate, but was taken out of the regulated medicines' supply chain during distribution and was later re-introduced. This means that the correct transport and storage conditions cannot be guaranteed during this period. Whilst unlikely, this could impact its effectiveness.

There is no evidence that Vimpat was tampered with and these medications are stable at room temperature. 

If you are currently taking Vimpat, the MHRA advises that you should continue taking your medicine and contact your GP practice to arrange a new prescription. Once you have a new prescription, you should return the affected batches to your pharmacist.

More information:

Please refer to the MHRA alert for further information on the batches affected.

If you have any queries about the recall, please email