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Temporary delay in delivery of Epilim and Frisium

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Temporary delay in delivery of Epilim and Frisium

We have been informed by Sanofi that there has been a temporary delay to the delivery of some medicines including Epilim and Frisium.

Sanofi has issued the following statement:

“Following the implementation of a new IT system by our third-party logistics provider, Kuehne & Nagel, at their warehouse in Chapeltown, pharmacies in the UK will have experienced delays in the delivery of some Sanofi medicines.

Deliveries of Sanofi medicines have now been increased significantly and we expect stock levels at our wholesale suppliers to be back to normal by 2 August 2019.

Patients who have concerns about the availability of a Sanofi medicine should get in touch with their pharmacist who can contact the appropriate wholesale supplier to check stock availability in their area.

If pharmacists have additional enquiries regarding overall stock availability, they can contact Sanofi Customer Services on 0800 854 430 so that we can assist and help resolve the issue.”