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Vimpat 50mg X 14 tablets shortage expected

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Nicola Swanborough

Vimpat 50mg X 14 tablets shortage expected

We have been informed by UCB that Vimpat (lacosamide) 50mg x 14 tablets are likely to be out of stock within the next three weeks. The shortage is expected to last for a two-three week period.

This is due to delays in production at the pharmaceutical company’s external manufacturing site and is not linked to the Covid-19 pandemic or Brexit. No other formulations of Vimpat are affected by the production delay.

In order to minimize disruption, UCB will be managing the supply chain by redistributing stock around the country.

UCB has supplies of Vimpat 10mg/ml 200ml syrup which provides, under the guidance of a clinician, an alternative for people impacted by the shortage.

If anyone has any concerns, they should speak to their doctor or pharmacist. If clinicians have questions about stock availability, they should contact UCBCares on 0800 2793177, or email or contact them online.