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Zonisamide 25mg and 100mg out of stock

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Zonisamide 25mg and 100mg out of stock

We have been informed by pharmaceutical company Actavis (which was recently acquired by Teva UK), that due to wholesaler issues, Zonisamide tablets in 25mg and 100mg are out of stock until early May 2019.

The 50mg version of the tablets are currently in stock.

According to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), zonisamide is a category 2 medication and this means that a doctor should decide, with yourself, whether it is important to always stay on the same version or whether it is ok to switch between different versions.

What you should do if you are taking Zonisamide 25mg

If you are currently taking Zonisamide tablets 25mg, you should make an appointment with your epilepsy specialist. Any changes in your treatment due to the shortage should be managed by a specialist rather than a GP.

You should discuss your treatment plan with your specialist and if you need to switch to a different version of the drug, you should be properly monitored on a regular basis to make sure you have the correct amount of the drug in your blood.

More information

We will continue to bring you updates on Zonisamide via our website and through Facebook and Twitter.

For more information about contingency plans for supplies of epilepsy medication around Brexit, please click here (insert hyperlink).

Call our Helpline

If you are taking Zonisamide tablets 25mg and are feeling anxious about this change, please call our Helpline on 01494 601400 (Mon and Tues 9am-4pm and Wed 9am-7:30pm). All calls are confidential.

Or you can call Actavis' General Inquiries on 01977 628500 for queries about product availability.