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The Fifteenth epilepsy teaching weekend on September 2015

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The Fifteenth epilepsy teaching weekend on September 2015

This is the fifteenth edition of the lecture notes. They were first published in 1987 as a summary of the material used in the biannual epilepsy teaching weekend organised under the auspices of the UK Chapter of the International League against Epilepsy.

From channels to commissioning - a practical guide to epilepsy

Edited by FJ Rugg-Gunn and JE Smalls

Section one - introduction

Chapter 1 - The incidence and prevalence of epilepsy (pdf) A Neligan and JW Sander

Chapter 2 - Classification and terminology to organise seizures and epilepsies (pdf) MP Richardson, DW Chadwick and T Wehner

Section two - basic science

Chapter 3 - Basic mechanisms of epilepsy (pdf) JGR Jefferys

Chapter 4 - Neuropathology of epilepsy (pdf) M Thom 

Chapter 5 - Genetics of the epilepsies (pdf) MR Johnson

Section three - the spectrum of epilepsy

Chapter 6 - Neonatal seizures (pdf) RM Pressler

Chapter 7 - Severe paediatric epilepsy syndromes (pdf) CD Ferrie

Chapter 8 - Febrile convulsions - a practical guide (pdf) CM Verity 

Chapter 9 - Benign childhood seizure susceptibility syndromes (pdf) M Koutroumanidis and CP Panayiotopoulos

Chapter 10 - The significance of the syndromic diagnosis of the epilepsies (pdf) CP Panayiotopoulos and M Koutroumanidis

Chapter 11 - Idiopathic generalised epilepsies (pdf) M Koutroumanidis 

Chapter 12 - Adult onset epilepsies (pdf) FJ Rugg-Gunn

Chapter 13 - Temporal lobe epilepsy (pdf) B Diehl and JS Duncan

Chapter 14 - Frontal lobe epilepsy (pdf) B Diehl, SM Sisodiya and M Manford

Chapter 15 - Occipital and parietal lobe epilepsies (pdf) JS Duncan

Chapter 16 - Psychiatric disorders in epilepsy (pdf) J Foong

Section four - differential diagnosis

Chapter 17 - Non-epileptic paroxysmal neurological and cardiac events: the differential diagnosis of epilepsy (pdf) FJ Rugg-Gunn

Chapter 18 - Epilepsy and sleep (pdf) SH Eriksson

Chapter 19 - Diagnosis and management of dissociative seizures (pdf) JDC Mellers

Section five - investigations

Chapter 20 - Neurophysiological investigation of epilepsy (pdf) SJM Smith and RP Kennett

Chapter 21 - Neuroimaging of the epilepsies (pdf) FJ Rugg-Gunn

Chapter 22 - Neuropsychology - testing the brain (pdf) SA Baxendale 

Chapter 23 - Investigation of seizures in infants (pdf) RE Appleton and A McLellan

Chapter 24 - Investigation of progressive neurological impairment in children with epilepsy (pdf) JH Cross and A McLellan

Section six - medical treatment of epilepsy 

Chapter 25 - Mechanisms of action of antiepileptic drugs (pdf) GJ Sills

Chapter 26 - Starting antiepileptic drug treatment (pdf) MJ Jackson

Chapter 27 - Managing refractory epilepsy (pdf) A Nicolson, JP Leach and FJ Rugg-Gunn

Chapter 28 - Overview of established antiepileptic drugs (pdf) JW Sander

Chapter 29 - New antiepileptic drugs (pdf) JW Sander

Chapter 30 - Drug treatment of paediatric epilepsy (pdf) RE Appleton and JH Cross

Chapter 31 - Pharmacokinetic interactions between antiepileptic drugs (pdf) PN Patsalos

Chapter 32 - Stopping antiepileptic drug treatment (pdf) JW Sander

Chapter 33 - Treatment of tonic-clonic status epilepticus (pdf) MC Walker and SD Shorvon

Chapter 34 - Treatment of non-convulsive status epilepticus (pdf) MC Walker

Chapter 35 - Non-pharmacological treatments for epilepsy: the case for and against complementary and alternative medicines (pdf) SA Baxendale

Section seven - outcome

Chapter 36 - The prognosis of epilepsy (pdf) A Neligan and JW Sander

Chapter 37 - The mortality of epilepsy (pdf) A Neligan and GS Bell 

Chapter 38 - Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (pdf) FJ Rugg-Gunn

Chapter 39 - Psychosocial outcome (pdf) PJ Thomson

Chapter 40 - Bone health in epilepsy (pdf) HR Cock

Section eight - special groups 

Chapter 41 - Epilepsy and learning disability (pdf) M Kerr

Chapter 42 - Epilepsy in adolescence (pdf) FMC Besag

Chapter 43 - Epilepsy and seizures in geriatric practice (pdf) JW Sander

Chapter 44 - Epilepsy and women (pdf) JJ Craig and E Campbell

Section nine - surgical treatment of epilepsy

Chapter 45 - Pre-operative evaluation and outcome of surgical treatment of epilepsy (pdf) MC Walker and DR Fish

Chapter 46 - Presurgical evaluation and outcome of epilepsy surgery in childhood (pdf) JH Cross

Chapter 47 - Methods of epilepsy surgery (pdf) AW McEvoy and WJF Harkness

Chapter 48 - Vagus nerve stimulation (pdf) R Selway and L Nashef

Chapter 49 - Outcome of surgery (pdf)  MC Walker and DR Fish 

Section ten - social aspects 

Chapter 50 - The patient's viewpoint (pdf) S Usiskin

Chapter 51 - Epilepsy clinic counselling (pdf) S Usiskin

Chapter 52 - Counselling for epilepsy surgery (pdf)  S Usiskin

Chapter 53 - Employment (pdf) GA Baker

Chapter 54 - Driving (pdf) JS Duncan

Chapter 55 - Epilepsy and the law (pdf) P Fenwick

Chapter 56 - Medico-legal aspects of epilepsy (pdf) JS Duncan

Section eleven - provision of care

Chapter 57 - Provision of clinical services for people with epilepsy (pdf) GS Bell

Chapter 58 - The role of the voluntary organisations in epilepsy (pdf) A Cleaver 

Chapter 59 - Social work support in the community (pdf) SA Garrett-Smith

Epilepsy for pharmacists

Guide for pharmacists working in registered pharmacy premises in the UK, co-produced by Epilepsy Society and Medway School of Pharmacy. Includes information about treatment, seizure types, points to cover with patients taking anti-seizure medication (ASM).