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Help with travel costs

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Help with travel costs

Details of travel support schemes for people with epilepsy across the UK.

You may be entitled to free or discounted travel if your seizures mean you can’t have a driving licence (see section on Driving).

If you have epilepsy and are still having seizures, you may be entitled to free, or discounted, travel on buses, coaches, trams, tubes, or trains. This is usually because you would be refused a driving licence if you applied. 

You will usually need proof that you are eligible for the discount. This may vary depending on where you live, the type of transport, and the rules of the discount scheme. Most councils will accept your letter from the DVLA either revoking your licence or acknowledging receipt of surrendering your licence as proof of eligibility for discounted travel. Contact each travel company to find out more, or your local council for details about the national bus pass. Also, for more information about discounted public transport, including trains, bus, tube and coaches see our information on What help is available.

You may be able to use community transport schemes, such as Dial-a-Ride, for people who have difficulty using public transport. Visit 

Access to Work scheme

If you are unable to use public transport due to your epilepsy, you may be able to get help towards the cost of getting to  and from work through the Access to Work scheme. Visit GOV.UK for details.

NHS Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme

The NHS Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme provides financial help for people on certain benefits, or a low income to get to some medical appointments. Visit NHS for details.

Other travel benefits

If you qualify for certain benefits based on your mobility, you may be entitled to:

  • Blue Badge parking permit (can be used by another driver when you are a passenger). This also entitles you to register for a full discount on the London congestion charge.
  • free road tax for a car registered in your name, or for a car which someone drives specifically, with you as a passenger.

Information produced: May 2023


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