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Martin and the King share their sense of family loss

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Nikhil Shah

Martin and the King share their sense of family loss

When Martin Evans sent a letter of condolence to King Charles III, following the death of the Queen, he did not expect to receive a signed letter in return.

A photo of a young Prince Charles and his mother the late Queen, and the signed King Charles sent Martin

So Martin was stunned when he picked up his mail and saw a Buckingham Palace stamp on the envelope. He was even more surprised to find that the King had sent him a touching photo of himself as the young Prince Charles with his mother, the late Queen. And that the King had signed the letter ‘Charles R’.
Martin, 62, has lived at the Epilepsy Society’s Chalfont Centre since 1997. The Queen was Patron of the Society throughout her reign. Having lost his own mother and father, Martin understood the grief that King Charles was going through and wanted to share his sympathies. 

Martin said: ‘I sent him a letter soon after Queen Elizabeth II passed away as I knew how he was feeling, because I have no mother and father. I wanted to tell him that I support him, and I believe he will be a good King, just as his mother was a great Queen.’ 

In his response, the King thanked Martin for his support and condolences.

‘His letter was absolutely wonderful, and the fact he signed it made it so much more special. The picture really got to my heart; I think he sent it to me because my letter was so personal.’

Martin has supported the Royals all his life, ‘especially the late Queen, because she was the Patron of the Epilepsy Society.’

Martin is looking forward to the Kings coronation on Saturday 6 May 2023, and is sure King Charles ‘will be a good King during his reign.’ 

Martin Evans holding up his letter and picture from the King in a frame, next to a photo of Queen Elizabeth


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