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Changes to free prescriptions will not affect people with epilepsy

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Changes to free prescriptions will not affect people with epilepsy

The Epilepsy Society can confirm that proposed changes to the UK's provision of free prescriptions will not affect people with epilepsy.

The Back to Work plan, announced this week by Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, aims to get over one million people back into the UK job market. 

As part of this plan, the Government have announced that those deemed "fit to work" who do not actively seek employment risk losing a range of benefits, including access to free prescriptions.

While a person with epilepsy who is classed as "fit to work" may see a decrease in benefits, we can confirm that free prescriptions will not be affected. This is because people with epilepsy receive free prescriptions due to their chronic condition. A medical exemption such as this takes precedence over any economic sanction and would not be affected should the Government’s plans be implemented. 

The Government's press release states that disabled claimants are "not in scope of this measure and will not lose out."

The Back to Work plan includes a variety of schemes aimed at increasing employment, including mandatory work placements and increased mental health support for those seeking work.

You can read more about the Government's plans here



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