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Hero Zach completes his 2.6 challenge

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Nicola Swanborough

Hero Zach completes his 2.6 challenge

This was the joyful moment when nine-year-old Zach Eagling crossed the finishing line to complete his #twopointsix challenge, raising a staggering £11,500 for the Epilepsy Society.

Zach Eagling in a moment of joy at the finishing line - All images Julian Hamilton, Daily Express
All images: Julian Hamilton, Daily Express

Zach, who has cerebral palsy and epilepsy, completed most of his 2.6km course in the yard at the back of his house in West Yorkshire.

But friends, family, neighbours and the press turned out to cheer him down the red carpet and over the finishing line, where he was met with an emotional hug from his grandmother. Due to Covid-19, it was the first time she had seen Zach walking unaided.

Zach with his Gran
All images: Julian Hamilton, Daily Express

Zach had hoped to raise £260 for the Epilepsy Society. But when internet trolls targeted a video his mum Claire Keer had posted on Twitter, sending a flashing GIF in the hopes of triggering a seizure, Zach’s story went national, with Yorkshire TV, the BBC and the Express all covering his story.

And as the British public got behind Zach, the total on his Just Giving page began to soar, topping £11,000 as the brave boy celebrated his ninth birthday.