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Me and My Shadow

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Me & My Shadow 2023

We're pleased to announce that our Me & My Shadow scheme is back by popular demand - and appropriately enough, we're launching it in National Epilepsy Week.

In a nutshell, this scheme gives women with epilepsy the opportunity to "shadow" for a day leading figures from media, politics, charities, sport, health and business. 

Through the scheme we hope to build confidence and ambition in women with epilepsy and encourage them to think big. The current scheme is aimed at women between 18 and 35, but we do hope to expand to other ages and genders in the future.

And what a collection of mentors we have lined up! From globally renowned social media companies, to national broadcasters and from world-leading scientists to senior MPs, we have them all.

When we opened applications for Me & My Shadow on International Women's Day back in March, we were inundated with responses from young women with big career ambitions. We have been delighted to be able to match the overwhelming majority of them with leading figures in their chosen profession. Thank you to all who applied. You were truly brilliant!

And guess what? Our first placement will be next week, during National Epilepsy Week. We'll be sure to share photos and stories from the day. Watch this space!


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