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Meds shortages: have your say

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Meds shortages: have your say

The Epilepsy Society has launched our official Medication Shortage Survey, alongside Epilepsy Action, SUDEP Action and Parkinson's UK. Have your say now!


For some time, we've been hearing from people with epilepsy and their families about medicines shortages. Whether it be via our Helpline, social media or other means, we've heard your experiences of not being able to access your life-saving medicines. 

After our Chief Executive, Clare Pelham, appeared on BBC Breakfast we were further inundated by calls, tweets, emails and posts from concerned people with epilepsy. 

And it's not just epilepsy medication. We've also heard from charities representing other conditions, such as Parkinson's, who have told us their supporters are experiencing similar shortages. 

That's why we have joined forces with Epilepsy Action, SUDEP Action and Parkinson's UK to conduct a first of its kind survey. We've heard so many stories - but now we want to gather evidence. 

Have you been unable to access medication? Or maybe you've been given less medication that you need? Perhaps you've had to visit multiple pharmacies before you can find the medication you need? 

We want to hear from you! The survey runs until Monday 1st April. 

Meds shortages survey infographic

Personal stories are so important. But so is cold, hard data. Once we know exactly how many people are impacted, we plan to request a meeting with senior figures in the Department of Health and discuss solutions. We all know this must stop. People with epilepsy need their life-saving medicines. Please complete our survey to help us gather much-needed evidence. 


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