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Epilepsy Society responds to news that driver of fatal car crash had an epileptic seizure

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Nicola Swanborough

Epilepsy Society responds to news that driver of fatal car crash had an epileptic seizure

The Epilepsy Society has issued a response following the news that the driver who killed two eight-year-old girls in Wimbledon will not be charged as she had an epileptic seizure.

Woman not charged over girls' school crash deaths
Clare Pelham, Chief Executive at the Epilepsy Society, said: “This is one of the most heartbreaking and tragic consequences of an epileptic seizure and our hearts go out to the families and friends of the children who died and to all those who were injured, physically and mentally, in these distressing circumstances. 

"We would never comment on anyone’s personal medical history and we are not aware of the circumstances that led to this tragedy. But we do know that epilepsy can be diagnosed at any stage of a person’s life and a first seizure may happen without warning. As many as one in 20 people will have a one-off epileptic seizure at some time in their life. It could happen to any one of us.  

"People with epilepsy whose seizures are not controlled by medications must stop driving and surrender their driving licence. But this tragedy highlights an unimaginable consequence of potentially a first seizure with no warning. This distressing case underlines just how critical it is that more funds are invested in research that will enable us ultimately to better understand and treat the causes of epilepsy.” 


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