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Shortage of Epanutin Infatabs 50 mg will now last until November 2019

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Shortage of Epanutin Infatabs 50 mg will now last until November 2019

We have been advised by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer that due to manufacturing delays, the shortage of Epanutin (phenytoin) Infatabs 50mg will now last from 1 May through to November 2019.

Under guidance issued by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, it is important that anyone who is taking phenytoin has a consistent supply of the medication and ideally should not be switched to a different version of the same drug.

To ensure that there is still a supply of phenytoin for those who take the medication, Pfizer is importing a generic form of Epanutin from Canada - Dilantin Infatabs to replace Epanutin Infatabs during the shortage.

Differences in medication

There will be differences in the packaging of the Canadian tablets, and while Epanutin Infatabs are yellow in colour, Dilantin are white.

Pfizer has advised us that the active ingredients of the tablets are the same. However there could still be clinically relevant differences between the two products. This means that those prescribed the Canadian version, will need to be monitored by their doctor to check that the concentration of the drug in their blood is at the correct level.

What you should do if you are taking Epanutin Infatabs

If you are currently taking Epanutin Infatabs 50mg, you should make an appointment with your specialist doctor. Any changes in your treatment due to the shortage should be managed by a specialist rather than a GP.

You should discuss your treatment plan with your specialist and if you need to switch to a different version of the drug, your serum levels should be properly monitored on a regular basis to make sure you have the correct amount of the drug in your blood.

More information

We will continue to bring you updates on Epanutin via our website and through Facebook and Twitter.

Professor Ley Sander, Medical Director at Epilepsy Society advises on ways to manage the current shortages of epilepsy medication.

Call our Helpline

If you are taking Epanutin Infatabs 50mg  and are feeling anxious about this change, please call our Helpline on 01494 601400 (Mon and Tues 9am-4pm and Wed 9am-7.30pm).

Or you can call Pfizer's Customer Contact Centre for queries about product availability, call 0845 608 8866.



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