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Tribunal overrules findings in case involving epilepsy drug

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Tribunal overrules findings in case involving epilepsy drug

A decision by the Competition and Markets Authority to fine Pfizer and Flynn Pharma a total of £90m for overcharging for an epilepsy drug, has been remitted back to the CMA after a tribunal ruled against the government watchdog's decision.

Competition Appeal Tribunal judgement

CMA considers appeal

In December 2016 the CMA decided that the two pharmaceutical companies had breached competition law by charging unfairly high prices for phenytoin sodium.

The two companies appealed against the decision.

Although the Competition Appeal Tribunal agreed with much of the CMA's findings, it ruled against its findings that the companies had abused a dominant position.

The CMA is now considering whether to appeal against its findings.

Epilepsy Society considering outcomes of tribunal

Epilepsy Society will be responding to the outcomes of the tribunal shortly and will be posting its comments here.

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