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Zach's Law: the journey

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Zach's Law: the journey

For over three years, Zach Eagling, Claire Keer and the Epilepsy Society have fought for Zach's Law. Today, the journey is over. The Online Safety Bill, including Zach's Law, has passed. At last the online trolls will be silenced.

You can learn more about our journey here:

Following his birth injury, expert medical negligence lawyers at Irwin Mitchell secured Zach a substantial settlement to fund the specialist care, support and therapies he requires for the rest of his life. 

The law firm backed Zach's Epilepsy Society's campaign for a change in the law and have a close relationship with the charity. 

Rachelle Mahapatra, a specialist medical negligence lawyer at Irwin Mitchell who secured Zach his settlement, said: “Zach is an incredible young man and he continues to astound me time and time again.

“He has shown such courage and determination over the years and I had no doubt that Zach’s Law would be passed.  Zach should be immensely proud of what he’s achieved.

“Bullying in any form is unacceptable and I’m pleased that the online measures are being tightened. Everyone, particularly people with disabilities who are some of the most vulnerable in society, should be treated respectfully and feel safe when using the internet.  Zach’s Law is a major step towards that.” 


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