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Put Calm, Cushion, Call on the map in your community

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Mandy Ryan

Put Calm, Cushion, Call on the map in your community

After recently seeing some big successes with people putting up our Calm, Cushion, Call posters where they live, we’re asking even more of you to spread the word about our seizure first aid advice at local level.

It couldn’t be easier to download our National Epilepsy Week 'Calm, Cushion, Call' graphic and poster to share on social media, or you can order up to five free of our regular 'Calm, Cushion, Call' posters through our online shop. Follow in the footsteps of Beth, who added a splash of purple to shops in Doncaster when she put up our posters in her local pharmacy and corner shop, as well as one in her own window!

Calm, Cushion, Call is deliberately simple first aid advice, which offers members of the public three easy steps to follow if they see someone have a seizure. We know that people want to do the right thing but they don’t always know how best to help, so these three easy-to-remember words boost confidence and make a big difference.

The Calm, Cushion, Call message has been so effective that St John Ambulance has also now adopted it as part of its national training, cementing its status as the go-to first aid advice for epileptic seizures.

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The poster reminds people that if they see someone having a seizure they should stay calm, cushion the person’s head to stop them from injuring themselves, and dial 999, then the ambulance staff will be able to talk them through the next steps.

To help our advice reach as many people as possible, we’re asking you to get the posters on display wherever you think they might be widely seen around your community. You could ask your local shops, schools, tourist attractions, leisure centres, libraries or places of worship if they wouldn’t mind putting up a poster. Or why not get your workplace on board, so that you’re also raising awareness of seizure first aid with your colleagues?

We’d love to see how you spread the word about Calm, Cushion, Call, so please share your photos and ideas with us on social media, and we’ll give our thanks with a like or retweet! 

Let’s put Calm, Cushion, Call on the map!


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