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Optical Coherence Tomography

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Optical Coherence Tomography

Optical Coherence Tomography is one of the most advanced scanning tools used to measure the thickness of the retinal fibres at the back of the eye.

In an extensive study we looked at whether OCT is a more effective way of measuring peripheral vision rather than using traditional perimetry.

Perimetry is a very subjective test relying on people's response. OCT is  more objective, using  an infrared beam to scan the eye. This gives instant results that are not dependent on people's reactions and could be particularly significant for anyone with  slower reaction times or cognitive difficulties.

The study involved 250 patients and found that 65 per cent of those who were not able to be tested via perimetry, could be tested using OCT.

Research paper: 

Field loss over 10 years in individuals taking vigabatrin

Retinal nerve fibre layer thinning is associated with drug resistance in epilepsy


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