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Volunteering at chalfont

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Volunteering at Chalfont

We have a huge range of rewarding volunteering opportunities at our Chalfont Centre in Buckinghamshire. The volunteers at Epilepsy Society make an invaluable difference to the lives of the 92 residents who live on site, all of whom have epilepsy often as part of more complex needs.

Due to coronavirus pandemic, volunteers are not currently volunteering within the Care Homes at our Chalfont Centre. We are still encouraging anyone interested in our volunteer roles to get in touch by emailing 


Stanley - Coffee Shop Volunteer

Stanley volunteers at the coffee shop once a week. Here, he talks about what he enjoys in his role and the training involved in becoming a volunteer.


There are so many ways to volunteer and make a difference to the lives of people affected by epilepsy. Whether you'd like to volunteer at our Chalfont Centre, or in your local community, we'd love to hear from you.

Current vacancies

Apply and learn more about our different volunteering roles at our Chalfont Centre in Buckinghamshire.