Risk assessment

Assessment of your safety needs

You can ask your local social services for a 'needs assessment', which looks at your safety at home. Needs assessments are often carried out by an occupational therapist (OT). They will visit you at home to see what help, support or safety equipment you might need because of your epilepsy. The assessment can help to identify practical ideas for reducing risk to make situations safer. Your GP or specialist may be able to provide information about how your epilepsy could affect your safety at home.

Our safety and risk templates (below) make suggestions about what may be a risk for someone who has seizures and things that may help to lessen the risk. You may have your own ideas about safety and risk which you can include. Our templates may help you prepare for a needs assessment.

Visit GOV.UK for contact details for your local council.

Keeping safe at home

If your seizures are controlled by treatment, your safety may not be affected. But if you continue to have seizures, safety may be an issue. Some safety issues may not be relevant to you or you may have your own ideas about what would make situations safer for you. Here are some suggestions to help you think about your safety at home.

Saftey leaflet

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