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ID cards and medical jewellery

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ID cards and medical jewellery

Some people with epilepsy choose to wear or carry with them a medical identity (ID) card or medical jewellery that says they have epilepsy.

Our 'I have epilepsy' ID card has space for you to write about your seizures, medication and how you would like to be helped if you have a seizure. Order an 'I have epilepsy ID card' from our online shop as part of our 'first five free' offer. Our ID card is also available as a printable card (PDF 964KB)  which you can download and add your details to before printing at home. Please note that, depending on your computer software, you may not be able to save your PDF after printing it.

Call our helpline on 01494 601400 or email for an ID card to be posted to you.  

Alternatively, there is a wide range of medical jewellery, and ID schemes and devices available to search online.

Medical jewellery

Medical jewellery varies in style, but usually has the internationally recognised 'snake and staff' medical symbol. Items may be engraved with basic medical information and a contact number. Or they may have the medical information contained inside on a paper form. Most companies also provide items for children.

Local branches of the Lions Club may be able to help with the cost of medical jewellery. Contact the Lions' head office for your nearest group on 0121 441 4544.

Medical ID membership schemes

Some organisations offering medical jewellery can also offer membership schemes giving a number for emergency services to call. Medical information supplied by you is stored on a database.

Computer-based medical ID

This is a USB device within a dogtag or wristband which stores your medical information and emergency contact information. Some products Include an encryption feature to allow you to store information securely, such as scanned images of documents.

Audio medical ID

This is a small audio recorder with green cross symbol which clips onto clothing. You can record a personal message with first aid or medical information. You or someone else can press the play button if you are unable to speak.

iPhones and Android mobile phones

The  iPhone and Apple Watch can display medical information so that it’s available for someone helpling you in an emergency and there is also a tool that can notify your emergency contacts. 

Android phones don’t usually have built in health apps that allow you to create a Medical ID, but there are apps that you can download that can give medical information that anyone can see from the lock screen without unlocking the phone. You can look on your phone for an app that you like.

Near-field communication (NFC)

NFC is a way that devices such as Smartphones can communicate with other technologies and transmit information by touch, using a wristband, key fob or card that uses NFC to allow access to medical information on a secure website, to help in an emergency.

Information updated: July 2023

Someone calling the helpline

Epilepsy Society's confidential helpline is available for anyone affected by epilepsy.

Call us on 01494 601400. You can also reach us by email or chat with us online.


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