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Carers- Being a carer for someone with epilepsy: what help is available and organisations that can help.

Complementary therapies - Information about therapies that may help to promote wellbeing.

Childhood epilepsy syndromes - An overview and details of some specific epilepsy syndromes.

Did you know? - A list of facts and statistics about epilepsy.

Diet and nutrition - Tips for helping you to follow a balanced diet and stay healthy.

Driving regulations quick guide - Driving regulations for Group 1 driving licences (cars, motorcycles and mopeds) and includes a flow chart to help you find out how the regulations apply to you.

Epilepsy review checklist - Suggested topics that you may want to cover in your epilepsy review with your GP or neurologist.

Epilepsy surgery - What epilepsy surgery involves, who can have surgery and pre-surgical tests.

Exercise - How exercise can help relieve stress levels and improve overall health.

Finding support - Sources of help and support.

Generic and branded AEDs - How to get the same version of your AEDs with each prescription.

Ketogenic diet - Information about a medical dietary treatment for some people with hard to control epilepsy.

Learning disability - Why and how often learning disabilities happen alongside epilepsy, and issues around behaviour.

Making the most of your pharmacist - How your pharmacist can help you with your epilepsy.

Monitoring epilepsy - Details about therapeutic drug monitoring.

NICE guidelines on AEDs - National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidance on the treatment and management of epilepsy.

Photosensitive epilepsy - Possible triggers for photosensitive epilepsy and ways to avoid triggers.

Recording seizures - What can be useful to know about someone's epilepsy and seizures. 

Recovery position - How to put somebody in the recovery position after their seizure has stopped.

Relationships and sex - How epilepsy can affect your relationships.

Sleep - Information on the complex relationship between epilepsy and sleep.

Travel insurance - Details of helpful insurance companies, passed on by helpline callers.

VNS (Vagus Nerve Stimulation) therapy - How VNS therapy works, who it may help and side effects.

What help is available?  - Details of free prescriptions, benefits, travel costs, and help from social services and for carers.

Yellow card scheme - How to report side effects not listed on the patient information leaflet that comes with your medication.