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Service users' bill of rights

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Service users' bill of rights

Epilepsy Society is committed to creating an environment that is enabling, empowering, diverse and inclusive. People who use its services can expect volunteers and employees to respect their human rights.

  • Live the life they want to live
  • Have privacy, dignity and independence
  • Be part of any changes to where they decide to live or the services they receive
  • Have enough information given to them in a way that they can understand, to help them make choices about where they live
  • Make their own choices about care, support and medical treatment
  • Be involved in the preparation and wording of their Support Plan, to make sure that things, that are important to them and for them to be included
  • Be told about the cost of the service and what they are paying for in a way that they understand
  • Be supported to express their views and make complaints if they need to
  • Expect that Epilepsy Society will keep information about them confidential, up-to-date and correct and to give that information to them in a way they understand
  • Refuse a service, or make a complaint, without fear of reprisal


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