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Our care staff

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Our staff

Our staff are highly motivated and committed to helping individuals have a full and empowered life.

Staff receive comprehensive training in epilepsy, as well as in both physical and learning disabilities. This knowledge enables them to provide each individual with the support they need, enabling residents to fulfil their needs, choices and aspirations. We provide a week-long induction training programme for all staff. In addition, staff complete the ‘Skills for Care Common Induction Standards’ within the first six months of employment, in line with national requirements. There is further mandatory training in both epilepsy awareness and other relevant areas throughout their employment.

Our care service team provides a person-centred approach, and the residents are at the centre of everything we do. One aspect of this is that we involve residents in the development and delivery of staff training. This enables individuals to have maximum input and a sense of control over the delivery of their care and support.


Care services

We are the leading charity care provider, where people love to work and live. Our wide range of care is tailored to the needs of each individual, and our professional staff are committed to maximising the life potential of everyone within our care homes.