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Chloe's story

subtitle: #SafeMumSafeBaby

Chloe Hambling experienced seizures in her recent pregnancy and felt anxious and concerned about her baby’s health. She is now eager to raise awareness of epilepsy and to ensure more research is undertaken to develop safer drugs for other pregnant women with the condition.

Jade's story

subtitle: #SafeMumSafeBaby

Jade Davies worries about whether her son's health problems may have been caused by her epilepsy medication, even though the drugs she was taking during pregnancy are considered to have a safer profile.

Laura's story

subtitle: #SafeMumSafeBaby

Laura Moore, 22, has been taking sodium valproate since the age of 15. The medication has enabled her to get on with her life but she knows that if she wants to start a family it will pose a serious risk to any baby during pregnancy. Here she discusses the challenges she faces and questions why she wasn’t given more treatment options when she was first diagnosed.  

Yasmin's story

subtitle: #SafeMumSafeBaby

Yasmin Golding is 26 and relies on a combination of three epilepsy medications to help control her seizures. But she worries about the health risk that the drugs could pose to any baby during pregnancy, should she decide to start a family.

Martha's story

subtitle: #SafeMumSafeBaby

Martha Cronin was diagnosed with epilepsy during lockdown. She was prescribed carbamazepine over the phone by her neurologist with no warning about the risk linked to the drug for any baby during pregnancy. Martha describes how overwhelming it was to learn from her GP about the potential harm her medication could pose if she decided to start a family.

Chantel's story

subtitle: #SafeMumSafeBaby

Chantel Reeves was taking the epilepsy medication, carbamazepine when she discovered she was pregnant. Here she relives her anxieties about how it might harm her baby and why she is backing our Safe Mum, Safe Baby campaign.

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Mel's story

Mel talks about her experience from being first diagnosed with epilepsy, to becoming pregnant and seeking treatment and support from Epilepsy Society at our Sir William Gowers medical centre.