Seizure alert dogs

The organisation Support Dogs trains dogs to support owners with specific needs including epilepsy. Seizure alert dogs are specially trained to warn their owner before a seizure starts, so they can get help or move to somewhere safe.

Training with a seizure alert dog can be intensive. To apply you would need to be having a certain number of seizures. Support Dogs are not able to train your own pet dog.

Please note: Epilepsy Society does not endorse any of the companies listed on this page. Other companies may also provide these services.

Information produced: August 2019

Keeping safe at home

If your seizures are controlled by treatment, your safety may not be affected. But if you continue to have seizures, safety may be an issue. Some safety issues may not be relevant to you or you may have your own ideas about what would make situations safer for you. Here are some suggestions to help you think about your safety at home.