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Micholls House

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Micholls House

'Micholls House is all about individualised care and empowerment. Residents are encouraged to be involved in all decisions about their lives - what they choose to eat each day, what they wear, what activities they take part in, what trips they go on and whether they choose to use our on-site health services or their own.

Micholls House

We provide a safe environment where people can embrace new opportunities and broaden their experiences, using a person-centred approach, which focuses on individual interests. We are dedicated to ensuring that everyone is able to express themselves, which is why staff attend regular training sessions on different forms of communication, both verbal and non-verbal.

We have a strong focus on activities both throughout the week and at weekends. Residents go swimming, bowling, have the opportunity to go horse riding on a weekly basis, and visit the local adventure playground which provides indoor and outdoor facilities for adults with disabilities. In the home we have cinema afternoons, listen to music and play pub-style games.

We also put a lot of emphasis on education to encourage independence and continue the education pathway. We currently have a number of residents attending college courses and we also collaborate with the Bucks Adult Learning team who help us run Saturday workshops once a month, teaching a variety of different skills including healthy eating and canvas art.'



Our supported living service is available to adults with epilepsy who may also have other associated or additional complications. The service provides people with the opportunity to live with greater autonomy and independence in the community.