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Anna's Story

Anna Coe has undergone 27 years of different medications and brain surgery to try to control her epilepsy. She has often felt that the trial and error of different medication changes has led her down dead ends and left her feeling exhausted. But now she feels that a diagnosis through sequencing her DNA is offering her, and her future children, real hope of better, more focussed treatments that will work for her.

Debbie's story

Debbie Jackson is currently feeling positive about her epilepsy. She is a personal assistant at a media company in Canary Wharf and feels supported by her boss and colleagues. People have been very good in understanding her condition when she has had a few seizures at work, but this has not always been the case.

Hazel's story

Just six weeks before her 18th birthday, Hazel Cooper was found dead by her mother. Julie describes what it was like finding out that her daughter, Hazel, had died suddenly from epilepsy.

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Mel's story

Mel talks about her experience from being first diagnosed with epilepsy, to becoming pregnant and seeking treatment and support from Epilepsy Society at our Sir William Gowers medical centre.